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MCD - Mast Cell Disorders
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Rash leading to Infection (Read 1393 times)

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Rash leading to Infection
06/07/16 at 14:42:47
So I had an itchy rash on the back of my neck from July of last year until Jan. of this year.  Nothing seemed to help until I learned about MCAS and began H1/H2 antihistamines.  The rash went away completely within about a week.

Fast forward to my normal tryptase test result and the doctor saying I don't have MCAS.  I foolishly stopped taking the antihistamines and the rash came back....Began meds again and rash improves.  Meanwhile, I'm "proactively waiting" for a doctor to help me with what I'm sure is MCAS.  The rash is bearable, just mildly itchy.  

BUT NOW I have an infection under the skin in the same area on my neck!  It's a lump about an inch in diameter.  My GP prescribed an antibiotic hoping that resolves the issue, but is referring me to a surgeon in the event it needs further attention.

With all the skin issues involved in MCD, have any of you experienced infections like this?  

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